My little slice of the interweebs

My little slice of the interweebs

Wow. I had a kinda okayish site until I was annoyed with how confusing my last hosting service was to figure out what I was paying for. So annoyed that I just had to get away and then lost everything. My fault for not backing things up. Also, not adding a step into my post creation process.

A couple of things I have learned about WordPress over the past couple of years.
1. Always use another service to write up your posts.
a. Google Docs
b. Libre Office
c. Microsoft Office 365
Why? Pretty simple, after mysteriously having a few posts disappearing. It is really important to write up posts somewhere else and then copy and paste into WordPress. Writing in directly into WordPress is just asking for hours worth of work to POOF! gone. Very disappointing. So much so that I never could bring myself to do all of that work over again on the posts that disappeared. Yes, I know drafts are recoverable. However, that is prior to running a clean-up tool to keep your site from getting squirrelly. Of course I ran that prior to saving my draft outside of WordPress. It was very odd because I always click “save draft” or “Publish” button and wait for either to complete.
2. Feeling spacey this morning, must have rattled free and I lost my thought.

Starting over now and I will slowly rebuild this site. Many other things are going on right now and just not nearly as motivated to give this the kind of time it deserves. Suffering from CSD if that is even a thing. CSD chronic severe depression. Sleeping tends to be more important to me these days well months actually. Not really seeing this change very much anytime soon. Is it okay to feel more comfortable in the lowest, darkest, abysmal rift? We all have our zone I guess. My problem with being in the breach is that I am so disconnected from my creativity and if I start to find it their is absolutely no chance of having the motivation to start a project, let alone complete one.

Whatever, no one cares to hear this side of things. Feels very disingenuous, dishonest, inauthentic and any other words like that to run up in person or via social media what everyone seems to crave. Seems like most are after an escape into someone else’s little slice of paradise vs hearing, seeing or reading about actual reality. I never promised anything like only seeing extreme unrealistic positivity. Just invited people along for my journey. When I first started this it was a journey from the darkness in to the light. Breaking free from my last episode of CSD and it was never truly broken. However, it felt a lot more positive than the prior six months.

Signing off now because I feel as if I rambled on here to avoid working on projects that I really need to be working on today and I tend to let smaller priority things be a huge distraction from those really important ones.